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Thinking skills involve mental processes used in cognitive functions that enable people to make meaning from, and create with, information: solving problems, making decisions, critical thinking, planning and organizing job tasks, using a significant amount of memory, and finding, synthesizing and analyzing information.


In the workplace, the various functions of thinking skills are applied to most tasks. Some examples include looking for details in a report, planning and coordinating activities such as meetings, recommending actions to be taken, and interpreting the results of a study."




Thinking skills are the knowledge and skills needed to solve problems, make decisions, think critically, plan, remember things that are important and find information.


At work, people need thinking skills to figure out how to reduce costs (problem solving), decide who to hire (decision making), evaluate the safety of a job site (critical thinking), remember important steps to follow (significant use of memory), and find all the information needed to accurately estimate the cost of a project (find information), etc.

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