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Urban wood mill

I want to start a wood mill with a focus products that disrupt the redwood lumber market by producing an alternative product of higher quality at a lower cost. I believe this can be done by processing Northern California's non-native eucalyptus trees in to decking, flooring, fencing and trim. In addition, this mill would process any tree harvested in urban an environment into sellable products.

Redwood trees grow only along the California and Southern Oregon coasts. Thought here are other groves of redwood trees around the world such as Russia and Hawaii, their native habitat is only Northern California. It is a very rare tree.

Eucalyptus trees were imported to Northern California in the mid 1800s. It was believed eucalyptus could be farmed for their wood however it the wrong species imported. The assumption was the imported species is not suitable for lumber production so the plan was abandoned. This assumption is incorrect, however, and the Northern California eucalyptus trees are perfectly suitable for production.

Eucalyptus trees are not native to Northern California thus their harvesting is not regulated by any government agency and are mostly found on private land who's owners don't want them because they are pests. This makes the barriers to harvest very small.

Ironically, arborists consider wood to be garbage. When you think about it this makes sense. Wood is their waste product the disposal of which consumes a large portion of their margin. This is an aspect of tree service The Urban Mill can exploit by providing arborists with inexpensive waste disposal. Possibly a free waste disposal service.



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